About Us


J.A.F.F. Mission & Goals

The Jessica Ann Faber Foundation exists as a charitable, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for the purpose of helping students receive private arts education. JAFF offers a one-time annual scholarship to students to help them with the cost of their arts education.
The Jessica Ann Faber Foundation seeks to empower talented students to pursue their art passion, encourage and cultivate talent, and give them opportunity to receive the skill and confidence needed to succeed in their careers and throughout their personal lives.


We believe the benefits of arts education are invaluable!

  •  Arts education strengthens problem solving and critical thinking skills, stimulates and develops the imagination and refines cognitive and creative skills. 
  • The arts teach life skills such as articulating a vision, building self-confidence & practicing self-discipline. 
  • The arts nurture important values, including team-building skills and learning to appreciate and be aware of different cultures and traditions.
  • The arts motivate and engage its students in learning, stimulate memory, facilitate understanding, enhance community and provide an avenue for building self-esteem.
  • The goal of JAFF is to afford all these benefits to talented students so that they might fully realize their potential through involvement in the arts.


A Message from the Founder

 Hi, I am Cindy Faber-England, Jessica's Mom. I founded the Jessica Ann Faber Foundation in Jessica's memory with hope & desire for under-privileged students to be given an opportunity to achieve their artistic dreams. JAFF does this by providing financial assistance to deserving students. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to receive the benefit of arts education. In addition to helping students, we are also enhancing our community by supporting local instructors and businesses. If you are like me, there could be nothing more rewarding than using your skills, experience, and resources to help people in your community by opening many doors of opportunity and giving them a chance to receive all the life-long benefits the arts deliver. I welcome you to join us. If you are interested in making a generous donation to foster talented and motivated students with success to realize their dreams, 

please donate today!  

Our students are funded through your donations.

Thank you!


Why we do it


This is Jessica Ann Faber. She loved to entertain. She sang in tune before she spoke full sentences. Singing, acting, dancing music, theater and movies were her greatest passions. Participation in performing arts instruction helped her to become the amazing and successful person she was becoming.

Jessica's dream included going to Hollywood one day and working behind a movie camera. On December 29, 2009, Jessica was driving home for Christmas vacation from her first semester in college where she was studying photography. A wrong-way driver under the influence of drugs and alcohol hit Jessica's car bringing her life and dreams to a sudden halt at the young age of 18.

Jessica never had a chance to fulfill her passions. Through JAFF, you can give art students the chance Jessica never got to know... A chance to pursue their dreams and advance their talent!

JAFF operates as a charitable 501(c)(3) Nevada non-profit corporation Tax Exempt #46-4464215